This page contains help documentation I have written, and the occasional semi-helpful program, involving MUCKs and MUCKing. All programs are provided free of charge, but as is, to any new MU* that can use them. Help files were written primarily for FurToonian physics, but any competent MU*er will be able to translate them into other “languages”.

Help Files ‘n’ Useful Stuff

Morphing for the Non-Power-Ranger
A brief review of “@6800″/$desc, gen-morph, Morph Hammer and other programs designed to alter your character’s description. Instructions on setup and clarification of those mysterious @view docs that make no sense.
MPI for the Technically Impaired
That funny curly brackets stuff explained in language that almost resembles English if you squint.
TerraForm, a highly underrated building platform, made, if not more simple, then hopelessly more obfuscated.
How To Make Exits
This is one of the books that can be found in the Drachensberg Library on FurToonia (see link above), slightly edited to turn it into a legible HTML document.
The Easy Book of Building
Also edited for WWW, another of Ginger’s FT help books. This is a fairly simplified approach to basic building, descriptions, and little hints. Suggestions for improvements to this book are welcomed.
The Book of Flags
An explanation of the most common flags used on the MUCK and their uses. This can’t be simple, as flags generally aren’t. This is meant for beginners, basically.
Ginger’s Book of Idiosyncrasies
This explains the terminology used in the other pages and contains a number of little helpful hints. It is constantly being expanded as I think of new things you probably don’t know. 🙂

Ginger’s MUF Program Archive

Starting up a new MUCK? Looking for basic programs like “throw” and “exits”? The following are program clones which are freely portable, so long as the headers are intact. Download the text file to whatever hard drive you feel appropriate, then use TinyFugue to /quote the program into the editor. These files are all in ASCII format.

Having trouble installing programs? You’re probably missing a library or a macro. Check out the pages below for help locating what you need, and getting it installed.
Common MUF Macros Public Domain MUF Libraries


Public Domain Programs
Throw.MUF throw objects between players or rooms
Broadcaster.MUF simple room-to-room broadcaster
EditObject.MUF menu-driven object editor (like ‘editplayer’ and ‘editroom’)
Exits.MUF standard exits lister; slightly wider display format than original
NewWho.MUF Standard ‘who’ global with added toys/Away/Busy flags.
Msgmacs.MUF lists names of MPI macros set on #0
Staff.MUF keeps a list (like “staff”) of members of an organisation
WizStaff.MUF more formal wizzes/helpstaff only lister for use as a MUCK global
EDMW.MUF Eat Drink Man Woman: Makes fake food objects and allows you to eat them.
ExitMessager.MUF Spaceballs: the Exit Messager lets you set false exit (cardinal exit) messages in props on the rooms rather than making env rooms
Auction.MUF clone of the pet-auction program.
MakeFishies.MUF toy: makes fishtank w/randomly moving ASCII fish
BBSNotify.MUF By Daerkannon: Notifies you if there are bulletin board messages you haven’t read
Other Programs
AnotherDirectory.MUF (header only) @Quota-saving apartment manager; creates room, in/out exits and maintains the directory automatically. It was a ***** to write so I want to see who uses it. If you want to port the full program, email me.
Shout-Show.MUF (header only) lists those online who are listening to Riss’ @shout program
WatchBack.MUF Tells you which online players have you on watchfor. Email to port.


The programs above are provided as-is, with no warranty unless they really screw up. If they do screw up, chances are I already know about it. All of them have already been installed on other MUCKS (mainly FurToonia and the Den) and are thus free from any major bugs. “Minor bugs” are really features.