I am not taking commissions at this time.
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I sometimes auction commissions on Furbid.
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Visit me on Livestream!I may be offering small (5×7″) custom pieces via my Livestream! Click here to see if I’m online!

Commissioned pieces will be displayed on my web page unless you request otherwise, and the rights to reproduction and distribution remain mine, unless you wish to purchase them as well. Please see the obligatory copyright notice.

Please note that commission purchasers may make scans of the commission(s) they purchase available on their web pages, and may make a small number of hard copies for friends/relatives/enemies, etc., provided the copies are given free of charge, unaltered, and with my name still at the bottom. This does not give commission purchasers the right to give copies to all and sundry–let’s think “reasonable number” here, folks. You are not friends with the entire furry community (and if you are, I want to be in on it! 🙂

As always, nearly everything is negotiable. Specialties are felines, canines, and especially equines; rating “G” to “X”. I’m not terribly good with buckles or intricate leather attachments, but I’m willing to try almost anything once. Ask!