Copyright Info


All the images on this web page are for private use only, except in the following circumstances:

  • You may send–not sell!–them to friends
  • You may put them up on web pages, as long as they are appropriately attributed (to me, silly!)
  • You may make links to any of these pages from yours.
  • You may post these images to newsgroups such as–provided you ask first! I want to know where my pictures are going. 🙂

You may not: Sell, print, alter, or publically archive (FTP or CDROM) these images without my express permission (which is given, usually. Just ask first!) Anyone found making money off of this stuff has got to be pretty desperate, but I’ll find a way to damage them anyway.

Commissions: Commission buyers receive only the original picture. All redistribution, print, and other rights remain mine, unless you wish to purchase those from me as well. Commissions go up on my web page, and may be made into prints, posted to newsgroups, or archived on FTP sites or CDROM at my discretion.

(Because I’m not Satan, however, purchasers of commissions receive the right to make scans of the commission(s) they buy available on their web page and to distribute small numbers of copies to friends/relatives/enemies/etc., provided that the copies are distributed free of charge and that they are not altered nor my name removed from the piece. Anyone caught making profit off my art will be thoroughly ridiculed (including me :).